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Agenda - 5/4/06

  1. Coordinators
  2. First year representative
  3. Community service chair
    • Charles River Conservancy event success
    • Next event June or July - ideas?
  4. Treasurer
  5. Academic representatives
    • Industrial Seminar Series - extension into summer
      • confirmed: Jeff Radding (Eli Lilly), Laura Garwin (Bauer CGR/Harvard/Nature), Bart Hendriks, Brian Baynes (Codon Devices)
      • possible: Aram Adourian (BG Medicine)
      • any speaker suggestions welcome
    • Additional study breaks
  6. Social chairs
    • Next TGIF in May?
  7. Diversity representative
  8. Athletic chairs
    • Spring Sports
  9. UG curriculum representative
  10. GSC representative
  11. Newsletter
  12. Course 20 T-shirts