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  • An original design in two colors for the front and back of a shirt
  • Be creative
  • Slogans, Designs greatly encouraged
  • The objective of these shirts will be to let the rest of the campus know what Course 20 is about.
  • $100 Gift Certificate Prize for the winning design



  • Designs collected and posted on Openwetware
  • Voting via email to a specific list like
    • Design vote in subject line
  • Shirt orders
    • Each class has an order representative
    • Students only hear about orders from their class rep
    • Class reps collect orders and money for their classmates
    • Orders and money submitted to Amy
  • Amy will place the order and write a comprehensive check
  • Distribution - One day of deliveries and the remainder will be available for pick up

Projected Timeline

  • Announce in Newsletter, May 10th
  • Hang up Flyers by May 17th
  • Designs due June 15th
  • Voting - June 15th - June 20th
  • Take Orders June 20th - June 30th
  • Place order July 1st
  • Distribution - July 14th

Anticipated Costs

  • T-shirts $10
  • Sweatshirs $25

Comments/ Ideas

Since we have recently aquired a course number and started our undergraduate major, it seems like it might be time to start thinking about a Course 20 T-shirt (or "Hoodie"). Please record any ideas you have about how to solicit designs, design constraints, or other thoughts. I (Amy Nichols) intend to spearhead this project and present a proposal at the next BE board meeting.

Designs can be solicited via a design competition, and the winner gets a free shirt. This usually works pretty well. An email to the BE list should do the trick. Depending on how much $$$ we want to spend, we'll probably shoot for two or three colors. yeem 18:27, 13 April 2006 (EDT)
  • BC - I like the competition idea and it worked well for the IM shirts.