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BE board Meeting Minutes: September 13, 2007

  1. Old board members:
    • Please update you descriptions on the wiki
    • Please update the email lists - go into moira
  2. New board members:
    • everyone responsible for updating website/wiki!
    • need people to help out with the UG committee
  3. Tax Exempt forms: Amy will email out to the list.
    • most restuarants we order from will have a form, but
    • you need to state this in advance
  4. Board Budget (attached)
    • itemized, included projected amounts and actual amts from last year
  5. First year rep election
    • coming up in october.
  6. Survey!
    • coming up quickly- need to update the questions.
    • results get presented at faculty mtg in late october.
    • last year ~60-70 responses.
    • keep in mind: visiting committe coming in the spring
  7. Academic rep
    • Scott: Mentor/mentee event went great.
  8. ISS talks coming up:
    • September 28th
    • Nidhi will meet with Luke and Venky to hand off responsabilities
  9. Social:
    • TGIF next Friday at Flat Top Johnny's
    • Fall BBQ coming up and Olga excited!
  10. Community Service: Grad student volunteer day
    • this saturday, sept 15th.
    • (register by tomorrow, sept 14th)
  11. Diversity: Annual mtg sept 17th 5-6p 56-302
    • initiatives for the coming year, elections.
    • Sean, Amy, HD coordinating
  12. Tshirts:
    • lots left, will check on sizes
  13. GSC: Shan & Alice
    • $250 / rep / semester
    • + $250 more for serving on additional committees
  14. BE BOARD: Picture! sometime soon...