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Draft Agenda - 7/13/06

  • Meeting at 12 pm in 56-614
  1. Coordinators
    • BE Board elections in August
      • Announcement early August and ask for nominations
      • Elections around the 12th of the month
      • Joint meeting in late August, early September
      • Request that current board members update the descriptions and responsibilities of their positions
      • Also try to recruit more people to participate
      • Discussion of possibly altering or redefining positions
        • Designate the academic chairs in terms of the retreat planning responsibilities
        • Specific request to have more than one person assigned to cover the retreat
        • Previously, anyone on the board who was interested was asked to help
        • Try a more active recruiting process from outside the board
      • Designate one academic representative for academic mentoring specifically
        • This would include the academic career events and curriculum chat
      • Clarify academic representative descriptions
      • Should we continue the undergraduate representative?
        • Incorporate a role as a second GSC representative
        • Possibly incorporate this role with the academic mentoring representative
        • Incorporate GSC representative in social chairs in order to use additional funds for events
    • BE MEng students
      • Situation is rectified, they are on the "be-list" list now
      • Undergraduates are not currently on this list, we think
    • BE Board Storage Space
      • Suggested using the closet in the computer lab, closet is not lockable
      • Meant for storing sports equipment
    • BE Board google calendar access & updating
      • Google calendar embedded on the wiki currently
      • Editing priveldges are not currently correct, need to add users
  2. Secretary
    • T-shirt competition/orders
      • Recruiting class representatives
      • Faculty and staff will receive an email from me with drop boxes on Olga and Jo-Ann’s desk for collections
      • Hopefully it will get going in the next few days
    • Newsletter
      • Start back up in the fall, no time now.
  3. First year representative
    • Students attempting to pair off with in the incoming first year for advising
    • Last year we encouraged advisors to contact advisees
    • Contact should happen before students show up
  4. Community service chair
    • Nothing currently known, rep absent
  5. Treasurer
    • Budget for 2007-2008
      • Budget was sent on to Doug and he gave a reserved yes
      • Have a 5-10% reserve of additional money
      • Had a fair number of additional events this year
      • New events fund, still under discussion – Doug was sent an email and we are waiting on the response.
  6. Academic representatives
    • Summer ISS talks
      • July 13: Aram Adourian
        • Will move to fall, failed to reach him this week
      • July 28: Laura Garwin
      • August 10: Bart Hendriks
      • September 22: Bryan Baynes
    • Annual Survey
      • Normally do during the ChemE/BE BBQ
      • Decide on questions before the new board is formed
      • Run the survey when the new board is assembled
      • Make sure to run the survey before classes start so that people have time to answer the quesitons
  7. Social chairs
    • Summer sports BBQ
      • This Saturday, sunny and hot
      • Kresge BBQ pit from 4-7pm, lots of food
      • Softball diamond from 3-5pm
      • Croquet and Bocce setup
    • BE/ChE Annual BBQ
      • August 4th, 4-7pm, Blue ribbon BBQ
    • Reorganizing TGIF
      • Camping just needs a key holder and someone else take point
      • Sailing, can do whenever people are interested
  8. Diversity representative
    • Fraenkel-Lang-Samson Interlab Lunch – July 26th
    • BE Diversity Korean Lunch – Aug 8th
    • BE seminar schedules for early October – speaker from the office of minority teaching at MIT
  9. Athletic chairs
    • Request for storage space, look into options offered by the department (above)
  10. UG curriculum representative
  11. GSC representative
    • Last meeting was short
    • The budget is online
    • Potentially organizing a graduation formal
    • Six flags trip, Foxwood trip, river rafting trip