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Minutes - 06/16/08

  1. Coordinators
  2. Social
    • Harpoon tasting
    • Softball BBQ (skip the softball? do it on friday afternoon?)
    • Do we want to do ChemE BBQ again?
      • No! replace with sailing BBQ
  3. Treasurer
    • if your area needs more funding, shoot someone an email
    • Budget goes up ~3% / yr to adjust for inflation
  4. Academic Rep: Scott
    • TA Survey
      • all ready to go up
    • June lunch series: Academic Careers
  5. Community service
    • Pine Street Inn: Saturday August 9th 430-630
    • Beach Clean Up (COASTSWEEP?)
    • Boston Marathon
      • have to sign up really early and get 20 ppl
  6. Diversity
    • Games for all Ages Event will soon be scheduled based on key faculty availability
  7. Softball
    • 28 ppl registered.