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Agenda - 5/4/06

  1. Coordinators
    • Faculty Search Update
      • No candidates being given offers. Search will continue. Revise advertisement. Keep your eyes open and the department is interested in input.
    • Visiting Committee Update
      • Turned out well. Positive report from the committee.
      • The institute is going to make a comprehensive report on BE space. OFfficial. Apparently there is an actual piece of paper (highly prized)/
  2. First year representative
    • Not present, no issues known
  3. Community service chair
    • Charles River Conservancy event successful
      • Thank participants for help
    • Next event June or July - ideas?
  4. Treasurer
    • Money is fine, send receipts to Jordan.
  5. Academic representatives
    • Industrial Seminar Series - extension into summer
      • Jeff Radding (Eli Lilly) – flying in from Indianapolis, split cost with Forest, May 19th
      • Bart Hendriks (Former BE Grad student) coming in August 10th
      • Laura Garwin (Bauer CGR/Harvard/Nature) have both accepted, June 15th
      • Bryan Baynes (Codon Devices) – September 22nd
      • Moving to the BE Thursday seminar slot for the Summer
      • Aram Adourian (BG Medicine) – Matsudaira lab, systems biology platform, VP computation science, July
      • Talk with Dan Darling about cross coordinating with speakers, may have contacts, suggestion to renew connection.
    • Additional study breaks
      • Nancy is heading up, not sure what is going on.
      • Quals, June 5th
      • Coordinate to 420 exam viewing session, after the 26th
  6. Social chairs
    • Next TGIF in May?
      • Sailing Pavilion has not responded about the 19th or 26th
      • Follow up with Pavillion, maybe pull in
    • Camping 9th-11th June – waiting to reserve interval
    • Sports/ Olympics in June or July – buy this fiscal year
    • Maybe extra money to fund Summer 526 following industrial seminar series
    • Maybe schedule a second sailing TGIF in June?
  7. Diversity representative
    • Not much new
    • May 8th interlab lunch
    • June 1st Chinese Lunch
    • Meeting to decide what to do for next year – sometime in June
  8. Athletic chairs
    • Spring Sports
    • New funds – needed for bat ($270)
    • Softball – only non-competitive team, league 4 5:30 or 8:30 during the week
    • Email Dave if you’d like to play to be added to the list
  9. UG curriculum representative
    • Working on scheduling Linda for the last curriculum chat
  10. GSC representative
    • GSC meeting last night
    • Transition meeting
    • New officers took over
    • New committee on diversity
    • Library system is doing renovations, looking for graduate student feedback
    • Course 6 put forward a letter considering for pass/fail on graduate student courses, would have to be done at an institute level
    • Put up a discussion on the wiki to see what people think
    • No structure to how this will be implemented yet
    • Funding from GSC – another representative, $500, must submit an email to request money from GSC VP, receipt taken to the GSC office
    • Try offering position to First years
    • Have difficulties getting people to take the positions
  11. Newsletter
    • Draft was approved
  12. Course 20 T-shirts
    • Talk with division and BMES about codirecting the event
    • Increase design prize to $100 gift certificate
  13. Other
    • Naming – switching to course 20 or stay with BE
    • May need to rename ourselves graduate student board – make a better definition of who we are, who we represent