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Upcoming Speakers

September 23, 2005 - * Special Bioethics Seminar * Stempsey (College of Holy Cross)

October 28, 2005 - * Special Bioethics Seminar * Thomas Shannon (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

December 2, 2005 Mark Trusheim (Massachusetts Biotechnology Council) - 56-114 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Past Speakers

  • July 22, 2005

Dr. Paul Mason (Genzyme) "Drug discovery at Genzyme"

  • June 10, 2005

Dr. Gyan Bhanot (IBM Life Sciences) "Systems biology and supercomputing at IBM Life Sciences"

  • May 20 , 2005

Dr. Damon Demady (Biogen Idec) "Challenges of drug development: By the book vs. reality"

  • April 22, 2005

Dr. Jinping Gan (Bristol-Myers Squibb) "Reactive metabolites in drug discovery"

  • April 15, 2005

John Essigmann (MIT BE & CEHS) "De-mystification of the grant application process for new academic investigators"

  • April 8, 2005

Nancy Briefs (President & CEO of Percardia) "A long winding road: From patent to PMA"

  • March 25, 2005

Dr. Can Ozbal (BioTrove Inc.) "Mass spectroscopy-based label-free ultra-high throughput screening for drug discovery"

  • March 11, 2005

Dr. Jonathan Gertler (Adams Harkness) "Market dynamics & financial strategies in life science technologies"

  • February 25, 2005

Dr. Cindy Xia (Millenium) "From ABC to SLC: Evaluation of drug transporters in drug discovery and development"

  • February 11, 2005

Dr. Keith Hoffmaster (Pfizer Inc.) "ADME in drug discovery & cholestasis as a mechanism of hepatotoxicity"

  • December 13 , 2004

Drs. Birgit Schoeberl & Brian Harms (Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc.) "Starting a career in industry as an MIT alum"

  • November 22, 2004

Dr. Vicki Sato (President of Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.) "Careers in academia & in industry"

  • October 5, 2004 (see picture :))

Prof. Michael Lysaght (Brown University) "After the PhD: Career decisions in biomedical engineering"