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Time: 12:30pm Date: 09/20/2005 Place: 56-614


  1. Welcome to all BE newcomers!
  2. Budget: allocation of funds to three initiatives (items 3 - 5) in 2005-2006.
  3. Lunch celebrations of foreign cultures:
    • What countries will be featured in 2005-2006?
    • In addition to the lunch gathering, through what activities do we wish to pursue this endeavor and praise of a country?
  4. Focused diversity-related forum discussions:
    • What topic do we suggest to address for the first edition in December 2005?
    • Themes of following discussions are likely to emerge from this first event.
  5. Interlab luncheons:
    • How can we instigate lively interactions during this pizza hour? (introduction of each attending scientist, game/playful activity...)
    • October 4, 2005: Grodzinsky/Hamad-Schifferli/White labs.
  6. Diversity seminar:
    • December 14, 2005: Christopher M. Jones, MIT's Assistant Dean for Graduate Students
  7. SACNAS conference: BE participation
  8. Other issues, suggestions, questions!